„Redefining Creativity: How Generative AI Is Transforming Media Content”, marți, 23 aprilie 2024, ora 16.00, sala 120

Marți, 23.04, în Sala 120 de la Facultatea de Litere,  va avea loc conferința intitulată:
Redefining Creativity: How Generative AI Is Transforming Media Content 
susținută de prof. dr. Jorge Franganillo, Universitatea din Barcelona
Conferința va fi susținută in limba engleză.


Redefining creativity: how generative AI is transforming media content creation

Join us for an insightful lecture by guest professor Jorge Franganillo from the University of Barcelona, who will delve into the intriguing world of generative AI and its impact on media content creation. With a keen eye on the digital horizon, professor Franganillo has observed the seismic shifts brought about by generative AI in the content industry. His insights promise to illuminate the path ahead.
Event details
— Date and time: 24 April 2024, 16:00–18:00
— Location: Facultatea de Litere, Sala 120
— Language: English
Lecture overview
Professor Jorge Franganillo will guide us through the following key aspects:
— Understanding generative AI. Explore the mechanics behind generative AI, the technology that breathes new life into media content. How does it work, and what possibilities does it unlock?
— Capabilities and risks. Discover the immense creative potential of generative AI, but also be aware of the inherent risks. From biases to “hallucinations”, we’ll delve into the nuances.
— Real-world applications. Explore practical examples from digital press, television, film and advertising. Witness how generative AI reshapes narratives. However, can we ensure that it doesn’t infringe on any rights (intellectual property, one’s own image)?
— Ethical considerations. As creators, we must grapple with ethical dilemmas. What impact does generative AI have on communication, cultural identity and creative expression? Are we at risk of letting AI replace us as creators and even supplant our own personal identity?
— Creativity in the digital age. Does AI enhance or hinder human creativity? Let’s explore whether the perceived “creativity crisis” is linked to this technology or rooted in deeper currents. And perhaps most importantly: will AI take our jobs?
This lecture invites students, professionals and curious minds to gain fresh insights into the future of media content creation. Join us as we navigate the intersection of technology, creativity and cultural preservation.